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England, 1993, 54 minutes, Color.


A film by: Pratibha Parmar

Executive produced by: Alice Walker


WARRIOR MARKS is a poetic and political film about female genital mutilation from the director of A PLACE OF RAGE, presented by the Pulitzer Prize winning author of THE COLOR PURPLE and POSSESSING THE SECRET OF JOY. Female genital mutilation affects one hundred million of the world’s women and this remarkable film unlocks some of the cultural and political complex-ities surrounding this issue. Interviews with women from Senegal, Gambia, Burkino Faso, the United States and England who are concerned with and affected by genital mutilation are intercut with Walker’s own personal reflections on the subject.



  • "Powerful and affecting. Highly recommended for academic libraries with programs in women’s studies." - Library Journal
  • "A candid yet inspiring documentary about survivors and sufferers." - Birmingham Film Festival
  • "(Parmar) depicts the screaming terror of people who would otherwise remain hidden away from most of us, silent." - June Jordan, Poet

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