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    Kali Films is a film and multi media production company engaged in the creation and business of making feature films, documentaries, and music videos that are entertaining, thought provoking, and aesthetically stunning.
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*Kali Films is currently in development with several film projects including:


My Name Is Andrea: Andrea Dworkin is a feature documentary inspired by the life and writings of radical feminist Andrea Dworkin (1946- 2005). Andrea Dworkin was one of the most influential & controversial feminists’ of the 20th century who used her personal experiences of sexual assault to write paradigm shifting work questioning patriarchal oppression of women. Her eventful life story is of a woman coming to speech despite relentless attempts to silence and misrepresent her.

John Berger, writer of Ways of Seeing said, “Andrea Dworkin was perhaps the worst misrepresented writer and activist in the Western world.”


In Development: My Name Is Andrea

2013 Alice Walker Beauty in Truth
2006 Nina’s Heavenly Delights


2008 Playing Dead
2000 Sita Gita
1997  Wavelengths
1994  Memsahib Rita


2008 Diversity in Motion
1998 The Righteous Babes
1990 Brimful of Asia
1996 Jodie: An Icon
1994 The Colour of Britain
1993 Warrior Marks
1992 Double the Trouble Twice the Fun
1991 A Place of Rage
1991 Khush
1990 Flesh and Paper
1990 Bhangra Jig
1989 Memory Pictures
1988 Sari Red
1987 Reframing Aids
1986 Emergence


Tori Amos, Morcheeba, Ghostlands, Midge Ure